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The Flowers Mission

I warmly welcome you to the official Michael Flowers website. I am fondly addressed as Flowers (and truth is I love it), so throughout the webpages Flowers is to be understood as Michael Flowers, the person, and not to be confused with the Flowers School of Technology and Management, and other business associates.

"If you are a refugee, an internally displaced person (IDP), feel rejected, feel hopeless, think there is no future in your life and or think you belong to the domain of I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-my-life, then you are my mission," Michael Flowers

Objective:    Flowers core objective is to partner with you in order to help you identify and tap into your inner "untapped" potentials that will enable you to not only drive your life forward, but help you add value and meaning to your life, purpose and your community.

Modus Operandi:    Based on his core values for life, Flowers approach is guided by the following:

  1. In partnership with the Flowers School of Technology and Management, Germany, Flowers seeks to extend education, capacity-building, self-development, professional development and self-empowerment to refugees and individuals in need free of charge.
  2. Flowers seeks and cements strong academic collaborative partnership with international faculties and universities to lend their knowledge and training that will help sensitise refugees by helping them gain an increased awareness of the funadamental issues of democracy, human dignity and human rights, and how to explore local resources for the betterment of their communities. This aspect of training, usually delivered through seminars and or workshops, are offered free of charge to both DAFI Scholars and non-sponsored refugee scholars.
  3. Flowers supports the efforts of refugee and returnee scholars or educators by offering free training, guidance and text materials.
  4. Flowers mission shall remain non-profit and will not partner with any individual or institution that wishes to create a stream of income through lending its expertise or training. on any of Flowers Initiatives. All associates or potential associates interested in participating and supporting the course of refugee education shall agree, in principle, to lend their knowledge and training through the voluntary scheme.
  5. Flowers seeks to create library facilities for the educationally deprived communities in developing countries.
  6. In seeking to collaborate and collaborating with other organisations, public, the private sector and governments, Flowers and associates on the mission shall remain nonpartisan as well as stay out of politics.

Core Principle:    Flowers does not solicit or seek donations of any kind and strictly does not accept any donations to carry out his mission (to extend education, motivation or inspiration, career-builder training and the like) to help refugees and the needy thrive. However, if you are a potential donor and wish to support Refugee Education, then please click here to learn more about the option that might work for you.