DAFI Annual Reports and Impact Study

The following DAFI-related documents are available for download subject to the accompanying note below:

  1. DAFI Annual Report 2009
  2. DAFI Annual Report 2008
  3. DAFI Annual Report 2007
  4. DAFI Annual Report 2006
  5. Country Fact Sheets 2009
  6. Impact Study* 2007

Note: Copyright – UNHCR/HQ, Geneva. All Rights Reserved. Subject to statutory exception and to the provision of relevant collective agreements, no reproduction of any part of the reports may take place without the written permission of UNHCR/HQ, Geneva.

* The 2007 Impact Study showed that 95% of DAFI Graduates were successfully employed, with over 70% in development-related sectors (Source: Tertiary Refugee Education, Impact and Achievements, 15 Years of DAFI, 2007). In general, DAFI Scholars make important contributions to the reconstruction and development of the country of origin or the refugee community as well as the host country, when repatriation is not immediately feasible.

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