Support the DAFI Scholarship Programme

"The overwhelmingly increasing political turbulence in some developing countries is linearly proportinal to the increasing influx of refugees worldwide. The increased population of refugees needing education far supercedes the size of the existing UNHCR Education Unit's scholarships for refugee education. As a consequence of this, a significantly large number of potential refugees are left out during the selection process. On this premise, I humbly appeal to you or your organisation or your government to support the UNHCR Education Unit and Partners in order to help expand the existing scholarship programmes or create new ones. This will certainly help increase the number of sponsored refugees worldwide." — Michael Flowers.

Here are the two ideal and effective ways to support the UNHCR Education Unit:

  1. Donate directly to the UNHCR Education Unit to help increase the size of the DAFI Scholarship Programme Fund. Contact us for we will be much obliged to put you in direct contact with the respective UNHCR office in charge of refugee education worldwide. OR
  2. Create your legacy or impact your world today by creating your own refugee education scholarship fund in partnership with the UNHCR Education Unit.

>> Click here to contact Flowers today to progress your interest in supporting the UNHCR Education Unit.

Please Note: Neither Flowers nor his Associates (Affiliates) are engaged in soliciting or accepting donations for the Flowers' initiatives described throughout the webpages of the official Michael Flowers website. However, we endeavour to align your proposed offer with the appropriate authority or authorities.