Flowers' Strategic Approach

The Ma Liberia Bo Initiative Strategic Approach simply follows and expands on a model Michael Flowers initiated in 2004 at the Liberian Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana:

  1. Prepare a career-builder or professional development course and share self-development training knowledge with Liberians abroad. For example, in 2004, fifty-two (52) Liberian and Sierra Leonean DAFI-sponsored and non-sponsored refugees particpated in the Creative Writing workshop held at the Liberian Buduburam Camp in Ghana. The UNHCR Branch Office Ghana and the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) played a major role by sponsoring the participants through paying for the workshop manual. During the 2005 workshop on the same topic, the Flowers School of Technology and Management (then the Flowers Institute of Technology) awarded Certificates to the 2004 workshop participants.
  2. Collaborate with academic and industrial colleagues to empower Liberians abroad. For example, in June 2009, the UNHCR BO Ghana and CCG requested a 2-day training workshop for 32 DAFI Scholars (participants hailed from West and East Africa) in Accra, Ghana. Flowers successfully sought the generous workshop training (Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation) involvement of:
    1. David Ako Odoi, Lecturer of English and Literature and Research Fellow, Language Centre, University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana
    2. Allison Felix Hughes, Lecturer of Physics, Department of Physics, University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana
    3. Elton Owusu, Lecturer of Human Resource Management, Flowers School of Technology and Management, Germany & UK
    4. Melanie Flowers, Lecturer, Flowers School of Technology and Management, Germany & UK
    5. Nurideen Ibrahim, Coordinator, Flowers School of Technology and Management, Germany & UK
  3. Partner with like-minded empowerment powerhouse returnees in Liberia to help train Liberians at home. For example, in September 2010, Flowers partnered with Richard Sieh, a former Liberian refugee in Ghana who participated in the 2004 Workshop on Creative Writing at the Buduburam Refugee Camp Ghana. Richard Sieh, the Executive Director of People Empowerment Program Liberia (PEP), successfully administered a one-day workshop on Creative Writing and Authorpreneurship at the University of Liberia main campus. Thirty writing enthusiasts participated in the workshop. Flowers School of Technology and Management awarded Certificates to the participants.
  4. Train Liberians and other refugees through Flowers' strategic academic collaborative development partnership. For example, in October/November 2010, Flowers collaborated with Dr. Joseph Adonu, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, to offer a one-day workshop on Educating Yourself to Achieve Excellence based on his newly released book "HOW TO EXCEL AND HAVE FUN AT UNIVERSITY". The CCG and UNHCR BO Ghana generously supported more than 40 DAFI-sponsored scholars and a group of about 56 to 60 self-motivated Liberian refugees group-sponsored themselves to join their fellow scholars at the CCG Hall for the workshop.


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