Flowers' Strategic Leadership Model

Flowers' Strategic Leadership Model approach is to collaborate with academics and the private sector (industry) to help model DAFI Scholars into Strategic Leaders for their communities, nations and the world as a whole.

In June 2009, Flowers and his associates and with the generous support of the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) and the UNHCR Branch Office Ghana gave a 2-day workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship that benefitted 32 DAFI Scholars in Ghana. See video clip above.

In October 2010, in academic collaboration with Dr. Joseph Adonu, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, and with the incessant support of CCG and UNHCR BO Ghana, Dr. Adonu gave a one-day workshop on Educating Yourself for Strategic Achievement. About 120 DAFI Scholars and non-DAFI refugee scholars attended the workshop at Accra, Ghana.

In March-April 2011, Flowers plans to travel to Accra – Ghana where he will give motivational speaking to DAFI and refugees to take up Strategic Leadership role in society and strive to be Excellent Role Models in the international society.

In June-July 2011, Flowers and his academic affiliates (Dr. Joseph Adonu of the University of Bedfordshire, Dr. Bjorn Gunnar Tafjord and Dr. Odd Ragnar Hunnes of Volda University College, Norway, and Mr. Elton Owusu of Flowers School of Technology and Management, Germany) will travel to Nairobi – Kenya to train an expected 60 or more DAFI scholars currently in Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ugandan universities in a 5-day Strategic Leadership workshop.

Flowers' core strategic approach to help support DAFI scholars on their journey to becoming tomorrow's leaders is based on the above mode.

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