What is & why Ma Liberia Bo?

It is, indeed, worth recognising that failure to provide adequate educational facilities and access to proper education are the core recipes to state failures in Africa and many parts of the world. It is unfortunate that, as Africa's oldest country, Liberia lack proper education facilities across the entire country, particularly in the hinterland. The country does not have a single state-of-the-art library in the capital, Monrovia, let alone having proper libraries in the hinterland. It is in recognition of these inadequacies that Michael Flowers derived the motivation to embark on a personal mission to help educate, inspire, motivate and empower Liberians both at home and abroad.

Ma Liberia Bo is a Kru phrase which literally means "Help Liberia". As individuals, regardless of our position in life, we have a role to play in the national reconstruction. If we want our country to thrive, then it is paramount we understand that we all have the obligation to partner with the government in rebuilding our educational system. Whatever the level of your qualification or academic background, you have something others have not got and are looking for. Share what you have (that is your knowledge) with others. Your knowledge in Creative Writing could help transform a high school dropout into a first time author, for example.

>> Liberia cries out to you.