How to excel and have fun at university

These days students, particularly at university, are facing challenges of all sorts and new shapes, ranging from recession-related financial difficulty to digital technological swamp. These challenges are rapidly lowering the motivation, academic excellence, personal development and intellectual fun that are usually associated with university education. Also, the job market in the recent economic climate is getting more competitive and graduate employability is becoming more crucial than ever. The silent cry in the hearts of students seems to be the question of how to excel and have fun at university. In this inspiring, informative and action-oriented book which can be called an inspirational students’ companion, Joseph Adonu demonstrates his experience and passion for inspiring and guiding students and educators towards systematic study, personal development and strategic achievement. Among other topics, the book expatiates on:

•  What university is all about

•  Maintaining your motivation for studies

•  Educating yourself

•  Developing and using your mental powers

•  Developing disciplined reading skills

•  Taming assignments and exams

•  Getting first-class honours

•  Careers, employability and fulfilment

The book is designed to equip students with powerful concepts and tips for redeeming themselves from apathy and confusion in order to get fired up for excellence and fun at university.

Dr. Joseph Adonu, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, in academic collaboration with Flowers and the Flowers School of Technology and Management generously volunteered his time and offered a one-day workshop to about 120 DAFI Scholars (comprising of West and East African refugee scholars in Ghana) and Liberian refugee students in Ghana in October 2010. A derivative of his book, the workshop core subject matter was Educating Yourself for Strategic Achievement.

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